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Thank you for your interest in joining the Hospice King-Aurora (HKA) volunteer team.


From the very beginning, HKA has relied on a dedicated team of volunteers to provide support and services to our community. Volunteers continue to be our greatest strength and currently the team of almost 100 volunteers provides support to clients, assist with fundraising and events, help out in the office and govern as Board Members. Our programs and services are primarily delivered by trained volunteers who are supported and supervised by professional staff.


Hospice volunteers come from all walks of life. They vary in age, ethnicity, faith, gender and professional backgrounds. Some volunteer because they want to do something meaningful, some just like to help people and some have experienced the loss of a loved one and the experience has changed their lives.


There are different areas in which volunteers are involved: client service volunteers (including visiting, wellness and bereavement volunteers) and non-client volunteers (including event, community awareness, administrative volunteers and board members. See below for descriptions and requirements.


Volunteer Positions

Client Service Volunteers

Non Client Volunteers

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