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Taxation Charity Registration # 13451 7820 RR0001


          HKA was awarded for excellence in transparency &

                  accountability in financial reporting 3 years in a row!



       MAIL  350 Industrial Pkwy South Unit 4

                          Aurora, ON  L4G 3V7



Many employers offer donation matching programs for charitable organizations. Ask your Human Resources Department for details.


Bequests and Planned Giving opportunities are available. We will be pleased to speak with you or your financial advisor about the benefits of planned giving.


In-kind donations of goods and services are acceptabed where applicable.


Proceeds from third-party fundraising such as golf tournaments and other events are gratefully accepted.


United Way donations can be directed toward HKA by noting us and our charitable registration number on your enrollment form. 

Hospice King-Aurora is a not-for-profit registered charitable organization providing services to our clients free of charge. We count on the generosity of our donors and sponsors to help ensure that whenever the need arises, Hospice King-Aurora is there to help.

An Important message to our supporters


Hospice King-Aurora places a high value on our relationship with you, or donors. WIthout your support we would not be able to support our community. We thank you for your commitment to us.


We believe that transparency and accountability are essential to our success. With this in mind, we have joined Image Canada's Ethical Code Program.


The Ethical Fundraising and FInancial Accountability Code lays out a set of standards for charitable organizations to manage and report their financial affairs responsibly. By adhering to these standards, we are complying with generally accepted practices for soliciting and managing donor dollars. This is important because you, our supporters, are entitled to transparency and the greatest impact ossible for your investment in us.


If you have any questions about our adherence to the Ethical Code, please contact Heidi Bonner via email or by calling 905-727-6815 x22.

Taxation Charity Registration # 13451 7820 RR0001

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