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Hospice King-Aurora (HKA) is a charitable non-profit organization. Since 1983 HKA has been providing programs and services to those diagnosed with life-threatening illness, the people who care for them and those who are bereaved. We do not have beds and instead provide support to people in their homes and at our office. Our strength is our team of volunteers who care, assist, lead, teach and inspire our clients and our staff. 


HKA serves King Township, south Aurora and Richmond Hill (as of December 2015) however anyone from York Region is welcome to attend programs which are not offered by their local hospice. 



 350 Industrial Pkwy South Unit 4    Aurora, ON   L3S 4A9    phone: 905-727-6815    MAP

VISION        To foster a community of compassionate hospice & bereavement care.


MISSION     Hospice King-Aurora offers specialized services & support to those diagnosed with life-threatening illness, the                                people who care for them and to those who are bereaved.


                     Since 1983 Hospice King-Aurora has provided compassionate care, education and understanding of the nature of

                     loss and grief through its professionally directed, trained network of volunteers.



                     Honour and respect clients and volunteers by ensuring that all interactions are conducted with integrity,                

                        confidentiality and in a non-judgmental manner.

                     Recruit, train and provide professional support to the volunteers who deliver our programs and services.

                     Ensure a standard of care that exceeds our clients' needs and expectations as well as Hospice Palliative Care

                       Ontario's Accreditation standards.                     

                     Maintain the tradition of care without a fee for service.





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